A Good “Discussion”

The real question is, what can we learn from a discussion?

Have you ever involved in a discussion especially with a stranger across the world? If no, i will introduce you to an app that claims as a discussion app, i have mentioned it before in one of my post. What happened to that app???

“They” said they want to maintain the quality of discussion and ban the user who using diacritical marks like à, è, ì, ò, ù, š etc.

I am a rebel, so i need to test that salty water..



and then BOOM this is what happened to my account

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Cherry on Top

an unknown person saved a random man

Rolbos ©

He’s been walking for a day-and-a-half; if he doesn’t find water, the desert would have won. But…he knows the area and he knows the tradition of his people. If only he could see their marker, he’d be alright.

Ah…there it is!


To a stranger, it’s just a heap of twigs. Nothing to stand out in the barren wilderness. He knows better…


First, he’ll thank the unknown man who did this. Then, carefully and with the necessary respect, he’ll remove the camouflage.


Uncovering the hidden treasure needs time and patience. Breaking the egg would be disastrous.


Is it dry? Has the water evaporated? Noo…there it is – the cherry on top! Cool, clear, water.


Now he has to do the right thing: find the man who hid the water, thank him…and then fill up the ostrich egg again.

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Outdated Taste of Ours

How much do you like a movie or a music that older of your age, exist before you were born? Me? yeah some of them like Barry Manillow or Frankie Valli. Now I want to bring up an old song that covered by Mariah Carry at 90’s. Without You.

Basically there are 2 different versions for the song, Badfinger’s and Harry Nilsson’s, but they both are good and the other covers are nice too like Air Supply and TG Sheppard.

I wasn’t born in their era, in fact the song itself is older about 20 years than me, sometimes my friends told me that i’m outdated person, in music taste to fashion. I like old song, because I think it wrote by one person thoughts, so it had a story behind it. Let’s compare it with i’m sorry Belieber Baby, it was written by five people.

Well, what i’m trying to say is it’s very hard to find 20’s years old person who loves old song.

Badfinger Version (Original)


Harry Nilsson Version


Air Supply Version

Which version do you like most?

Daily Prompt – Elusive

Catfish – not a real “fish”

What do you think when you heard a word of “Catfish”?

Some people will think it is a regular fish, a fish that can easily to breed. Well, that is true. My teacher has a barrel of catfish, he said it just a cubic meter of water that can contain about a thousand of it.

Source: Blogger

But the Pokemon Trainers will think about oracle pokemon, Whiscash. But enough about Pokemon


Source: bulbapedia

I am not talking about how to cultivate nor Pokemon thing, this is all about the one who using a fake profile on the internet, pretends s/he is a real person in the real world, starts from profile picture to bio.

According to Urban Dictionary, catfish is a real person that using fake profile on the internet, using fake photo to the bio. They pretend other person that not using the internet or just take other’s photo from internet source.


How can be “Catfish” is a word for a bad behavior?

It starts about 2010 when a Documentary Film titled Catfish has been released. The story is about a young photographer who has many pictures and used by another ‘person’ as an inspirational source for her painting. The ‘person’ was not an unthankful person, she starts texting the photographer to ask for permission, she even sent him a painting based on his photograph, a beautiful one. Continue reading

Kota-kota Yang Dibangun dengan Ilmu

Futuhat –proses perluasan wilayah islam yang bukan hanya bertujuan untuk menduduki tapi juga untuk menerangi, membuka (Fatah) daerah yang masih dilanda kejahiliyahan– Afrika Utara dilakukan sekitar 60 tahun, dari khalifah Umar bin Khaththab hingga khalifah Abdul Malik bin Marwan.

Salah satu latar belakang proyek Futuhat Afrika Utara (Al-maghrib) adalah karena Afrika Utara merupakan letak strategis secara geografis, ia terletak berhadapan langsung dengan Laut Tengah dimana seberangnya adalah kekaisaran Bizantium serta stategis secara politis karena rakyat kekaisaran Bizantium di daerah Afrika Utara sudah lelah dengan penguasa yang tiran serta penaklukan daerah Mesir merupakan ‘proyek satu paket’ dengan pembebasan daerah Syamar (Syam)

Futuhat juga berarti penyebaran risalah Islam, menyampaikan dan mengajak manusia agar menerima wahyu Allah sebagai pedoman hidup serta menjadikan petunjuk tersebut dalam kehidupan pribadi dan bermasyarakat, sehingga gerakan futuhat bukan saja gerakan politik dimana hanya pemimpin dan tentara saja yang turun tangan melainkan para ulama seperti Abdullah bin ‘Amr bin alAsh hingga Busr bin Artha’ah al’Amiri juga turut berperan serta. Dalam strategi futuhat, berdakwah kepada para pemimpin negara atau kepala suku untuk menerima ajaran Islam menjadi strategi utama dan gerakan militer selalu menjadi pilihan terakhir. Continue reading