Macro Shot

Well, i think this is not a real Macro Shot, but can i call it as Semi-Macro Shot?

I like macro photography, i think there is a story behind the shot..

I didn’t know why i take this shot


i used my nail-clipper as a keychain. I’m a simple man that never knew the common keychain, i mean it’s useless, just a decoration.



Chocolate is like Kryptonite for everyone






A short story behind 1994’s 1000 Rupiahs. It worths about 1/2 US dollars, but in 2016 it worths about 1/13 US dollars. Funny, right? pathetic



I do not have any gaming device nor super computer for playing GTA V, but i have this joystick attached on my Sony Y2009 VGN Laptop. It is enough for me.



2048. this is where i save all my installerand document, mostly the game installer.

So, what’s your Cherry on Top?


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