Catfish – not a real “fish”

What do you think when you heard a word of “Catfish”?

Some people will think it is a regular fish, a fish that can easily to breed. Well, that is true. My teacher has a barrel of catfish, he said it just a cubic meter of water that can contain about a thousand of it.

Source: Blogger

But the Pokemon Trainers will think about oracle pokemon, Whiscash. But enough about Pokemon


Source: bulbapedia

I am not talking about how to cultivate nor Pokemon thing, this is all about the one who using a fake profile on the internet, pretends s/he is a real person in the real world, starts from profile picture to bio.

According to Urban Dictionary, catfish is a real person that using fake profile on the internet, using fake photo to the bio. They pretend other person that not using the internet or just take other’s photo from internet source.


How can be “Catfish” is a word for a bad behavior?

It starts about 2010 when a Documentary Film titled Catfish has been released. The story is about a young photographer who has many pictures and used by another ‘person’ as an inspirational source for her painting. The ‘person’ was not an unthankful person, she starts texting the photographer to ask for permission, she even sent him a painting based on his photograph, a beautiful one.

After some painting and a lot of texting, they began an online relationship but they never talk each other, just by text. Finally, he tracks her address and end with a horrible fact that she is a married woman with three kids. She was impersonating more than five person simultaneously.

I am not sure why her husband was not mad about it and he relays a story when live Cod fish shipped from North America to Asia it became mushy because of inactivity in their tanks, so the fisher just add some Catfishes in the tanks to keep the live Cod active. So basically the catfish is a good thing. Then he made an analogy of how there are people in everyone’s lives who keep them active, always thinking and always be alert while socializing through the internet and there is a bad term for Catfish from.


For what Purpose?

From the film i saw a woman who needs help. She lives with her little family, she earn money from her painting, one good thing is she ask for permission from original picture owner. She lives with two children and a husband. She has developmental disability kids.

Maybe she went too far, maybe she was afraid that the photographer does not give any permission, so she pretends a young woman. That just maybe, but a thing is undoubtful that their friendship is fully awkward.

But in real life, they maybe looking for virtual social acceptance or something else like money or virtual currency.

Take an example, on 9chat app there are so many catfishes, male and female using fake profile just to earn cookies, maybe just having fun or they are thirst for social acceptance as mentioned previously.


Every Catfish has a problem, or two.

Like in the film maybe she was afraid or wants to escape from her (sad) reality, in the real life maybe they have an issue about confidence and they take it too far. Just like the woman in the film, she has impersonated more than 5 person.


How to catch the Catfish?

Always remember internet rule number-whatever that internet users are Male until they proved himself as a female.

Do you know about Google Image? It is one of rods that can we use to catch a catfish but s/he must have a picture, obviously.


I caught a catfish! Now what?

I do not even know what is for, but i am sure it is for our personal use that we have to be alerted with that person.

Back to 9chat app, if someone caught a catfish s/he will post in on the group and earn (once again) virtual currency. But we must remember this, they actually need help, maybe we can be a good person who can talk to them and help them instead of bullying through the internet.


That is a little thing I know about catfish, do you have an experience of being one of them; the catfish or the catcher?


Please criticize me, i am not an english speaker.


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