Outdated Taste of Ours

How much do you like a movie or a music that older of your age, exist before you were born? Me? yeah some of them like Barry Manillow or Frankie Valli. Now I want to bring up an old song that covered by Mariah Carry at 90’s. Without You.

Basically there are 2 different versions for the song, Badfinger’s and Harry Nilsson’s, but they both are good and the other covers are nice too like Air Supply and TG Sheppard.

I wasn’t born in their era, in fact the song itself is older about 20 years than me, sometimes my friends told me that i’m outdated person, in music taste to fashion. I like old song, because I think it wrote by one person thoughts, so it had a story behind it. Let’s compare it with i’m sorry Belieber Baby, it was written by five people.

Well, what i’m trying to say is it’s very hard to find 20’s years old person who loves old song.

Badfinger Version (Original)


Harry Nilsson Version


Air Supply Version

Which version do you like most?

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2 thoughts on “Outdated Taste of Ours

  1. I’m in my early 20s, and I actually enjoy quite a few “old” songs because I grew up with my family listening to a lot of them. I’ve never actually heard of these versions of “Without You” until today. I’ve always thought Mariah Carey’s version was the original, and I do love her version the most. But I have to say Harry Nilsson & Air Supply’s versions are pretty good as well.

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