A Good “Discussion”

The real question is, what can we learn from a discussion?

Have you ever involved in a discussion especially with a stranger across the world? If no, i will introduce you to an app that claims as a discussion app, i have mentioned it before in one of my post. What happened to that app???

“They” said they want to maintain the quality of discussion and ban the user who using diacritical marks like à, è, ì, ò, ù, š etc.

I am a rebel, so i need to test that salty water..



and then BOOM this is what happened to my account

“disabled due to community reports”


Really? no one will report that rebellious comment, in fact they do like it. Or maybe I just ruin an excellent discussion? oh i wonder what “good” discussion they have, so let me check it…


These are from the homepage of the app

the popular discussions which i mean popular is when they have many comments and up votes (represented by the number of cookies they had)


Well, hell is hot! The first discussion maybe okay, but if we look at the second to sixth discussion are like women that looking for compliment. “Do i have to do this or that?”, “wearing this or wearing that?”, “how’s my make up?”, “Oh i’m so ugly please give me a compliment”.

Worse, if we look at the last three discussion.. seriously? is that a quality of discussion? they have “another” state of quality then.

Just sayin’, no hard feelin’


if you’re looking for discussion app try Vingler, they’re clean like a squeaky baby. We’re not giving up, we just like an energy; can be transformed from one form to another, but cannot be created or destroyed.

We’re bulletproof, we’re unstoppable


Bonus; David Guetta ft Sia – Titanium



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