A Powerful Desire for Something

A powerful challenge for our daily prompt.. What’s your Craving?



I want to know what the smallest object is

I want to know what lies beneath the deepest ocean

I want to know what does the earth’s core look like

I want to know if humans can land on the sun

I want to know what happen to humanity in 10.000+ years

I want to know the boundaries of the universe, how far can we go?

I want to know observe the black hole

I want to know, are we alone in this universe?


Besides of those, I want a pizza.

A big muthafukin’ pizza with melted cheese, spicy sauce, and crispy crust.

Oh how about juicy barbecued beef? It will be romantic with iced orange juice.

Okay, i want a healthy and good shaped body too..

Maybe I want and I will travel the world on foot, Skydiving, Rocky Mountain Climbing, and Two Point Seven seconds on a bull name Fumanchu. And you know the rest, I will love deeper, speak sweater, I will give forgiveness too. Yep, inspirational song.


But now I know what I want, what I need.

Just to live like I was dying.

Be a better person.


proofread please

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