Clean Air – A Luxury I Don’t Have

In case if you’re asking ‘why’ I brought you this picture;


I live in a tropical country, which it means tropical country is a warm country even though in the rainy season but we always have something to keep our body warm like coffee, spices, and cigarette.

According to National Geographic, we have 58,750,592 active smokers over the age of 10 and about 616,881,205 cigarettes are lit everyday.

We have about 1,904,569 kmland area, it means approximately 31 active smokers in the area of 1 km

This can happen because our price of a pack of cigarettes about USD 1.39, while Australia have USD 19.03 per pack

And we have hundred millions of motor vehicle and Land And Forest Fires too, so clear air is a luxury we don’t have.


2 thoughts on “Clean Air – A Luxury I Don’t Have

  1. Well this is an interesting piece of opinion….but I’m still not convinced why the country doesn’t have clean air. Clearly, you presented the factors contribute to dirty air only. If I may suggest, bring up to the surface the factors contribute to clean air and make comparison between them. That way, you’ll have a better deduction of your opinion. I can understand where you came from with this, but an opinion without solution is like smoking without smoke. Too many people in this world pointed finger of what is wrong, but never speaks of what is right and how to achieve it! What kind of person we are, if we don’t try to make the world better place to live?

    • that was only a rough assumption. some people have clean air, normally if they don’t live in a over-polluted place like a forest or a mountain but living in that places is not guaranteed to have a clean air too, maybe they have a polluted air from forest fires. Meanwhile, even living in a most polluted city we still can have an artificial clean air.
      i’m not trying to give any solution, just comparing a country with another one or maybe we can raise the price of cigarette.

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