One Picture to Rule Them All

I rarely seen in a photo and don’t have a lot of people picture so I make my own.


did anyone remember what he said?

“Fly, you fools!”

Why fly? I just know what he means. In archaic english, “to fly” also mean “to flee” or “to escape”, and he only wants all the experience points from killing Balrog the Maiar. From Gandalf the Grey he had become to Gandalf the White. :/

But some people love psychological-horror or supernatural-horror like Dark Skies or Insidious, where the innocent kid drew a scary drawing about alien or demon


Instead of all above, other people love comedy or comedy action like he did

especially when he (controversially) impersonating this guy


I like other people sketched faces too

Guess who. She’s Kitty Pryde a.k.a Shadowcat on X-Men Series


The Daily Post:




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