In Fugly English

“If I had a superpower, I would myself as a Polygot”


‘knowing or using several languages (fluently)’


Thanks to God I live in Indonesia, we have over 300 native languages so i have a chance to learn at least one of them and yes my native language is Javanese.
Javanese has divided in three major styles; Ngoko (Informal), Madya (Polite Informal), Krama (Polite Formal).


What the heck is that!?


Ngoko (Informal) is used when you talk to your friend especially when you two know each other from a million years ago.
Madya (Polite Formal) is used when you talk to stranger, you decide it if they are in your age or older than you, if older better use the Polite Formal one
now the Krama (Polite Formal), used when you talk to people who older than you like father, mother, older sibling, or even your spouse, even though your spouse is not older than you, Polite Formal form is used to show affection and respect so talk to your leader with Krama form.


But wait, there’s more!


Krama itself divided in three minor style; Lugu, Andhap, and Alus


Confused enough? good!


Okay, enough for Javanese and its style I will talk about my english skill.
I have a newbie skill of english, maybe if you compare my skill with your little child or your little nephew or niece mine just like  nanometer against light year.
i want to improve my english skill since I want to leave my country, i know listening some music or watching a movie without subtitle are not enough, even chatting with strangers or learning english online, i need to make something new.


Oh I just remembered I have a blog!


so why not I write some article in my Fugly English to show off.
Some says my writing skill is understandable but i need more, I need people to criticize not just ‘what I mean’ but my grammar as well.
Thank you for following my blog and please leave responses if you need to and if your brain was tickling because my bad english.



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