How do I blog…

Just write anything even though it’s meaningless. Just remember 1000 steps started with 1 step. See? At first I wrote a random sentence I wonder where this blog post flowing to Maybe I’ll reach 1000th word and hardly to click “PUBLISH” Maybe just ended up to “DRAFT” Don’t worry about the picture. What picture? you have…

I wish I can do poem

Roses are red Its thorns are short Pikachu is yellow and it is a Pokemon Soviet’s flag was red Mikhail Botvinnik was chess grandmaster Even though cockroach can survived Australian are too tough They can fight with the bear But maybe they’re not smart enough because.. Cee Lo is little fat But he sing “Bright…

Kisah Jenaka dari Negeri In-Dongeng-Sia

Masyarakat di negeri dongeng menjadi saksi hidup sejarah hari ke-308 di tahun ke-71 lalu, bagaimana jutaan massa bisa berkumpul di satu titik, bukan karena golongan atau sebuah konser musik melainkan karena penuntutan keadilan. Iklim sosial di Negeri Dongeng pada kuartal ketiga akhir tahun tersebut cukup mengagetkan, dipicu dari oknum pejabat yang kala itu (konon) memberikan kuliah tentang…

Empat November Hari Bersejarah

EMPAT NOVEMBER. hari bersejarah bagi Indonesia terutama pemeluk agama islam, dimana aksi yang dilakukan oleh muslim di Indonesia tumpah dalam satu kota. Ini bukan soal politik, karenanya MUSLIM SEINDONESIA tumpah dalam satu kota. Ini bukan soal rasial, ini bukan soal mayoritas-minoritas, karenanya (insyaAllah) salah satu orator juga berasal dari non-pribumi, sebut saja namanya ustadz Felix Siauw….

The Flag

Frame is a boundary, a limit. The sky’s the limit.   The participation of WordPress Photo Challenge: Frame

Perlukah Ikut Jobfair?

Jobfair atau Career Expo sepertinya sudah menjadi barang tentu yang setiap tahun diadakan, selain banyak acara talkshow juga menjadi ajang perburuan lahan pekerjaan bagi (sebagian besar) Fresh Graduate, angin segar yang berhembus dimasa pasca sidang tugas akhir atau menjadi hawa panas di masa-masa skripsi yang tak kunjung usai. Ribuan lulusan muda yang (lebih banyak) tidak…

One Picture to Rule Them All

I rarely seen in a photo and don’t have a lot of people picture so I make my own. Doodling… did anyone remember what he said? “Fly, you fools!” Why fly? I just know what he means. In archaic english, “to fly” also mean “to flee” or “to escape”, and he only wants all the experience points from…

Clean Air – A Luxury I Don’t Have

In case if you’re asking ‘why’ I brought you this picture;   I live in a tropical country, which it means tropical country is a warm country even though in the rainy season but we always have something to keep our body warm like coffee, spices, and cigarette.

Forenoon – Photo Challenge

“The early bird may gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese” I want someday when I open my eyes I see these sceneries, Almafi Coast of Italy

A Powerful Desire for Something

A powerful challenge for our daily prompt.. What’s your Craving?   Me? I want to know what the smallest object is I want to know what lies beneath the deepest ocean

Connection [pt. 2]

Now a days, i am busy and not blogging but i miss connection with them more than i miss blogging… But by blogging, I can reach new people with new thoughts. Seems like I read their minds, seeing through their eyes, and sometimes we share moments. But I want more, I want we’re connected I do love to…

The Electric Fence

It’s summer and no mosquito will pass this narrow portable electric fence. They shall not pass. They’re mosquito, they must-quit.